Welcome to Your Craft Business. This is the companion website to the book  Your Craft Business: A Step by Step Guide and contains all the resources and links mentioned in the book.

The Your Craft Business book was written specifically for people in the UK interested in starting their own craft business. It’s published by Scribbleit and available on Amazon.co.uk.

Your Craft Business was written by me, Kevin Partner, one half of the team that created and runs MakingYourOwnCandles.co.uk. We offer the UK’s widest selection of candle making kits and ingredients and have a wonderful community of keen candle makers. In September 2012, I emailed 1,000 of our best customers and asked what they would like to know about starting a craft business. The response was amazing and within a couple of days, we had over 100 very detailed responses – including a very clear list of questions. Your Craft Business was created to answer these questions in a straightforward and detailed fashion.

By far the most popular question was “how do I work out the right price?” and so that receives a whole chapter in the book. The next most popular category of questions related to HMRC, Companies House and government regulatory departments and these have been answered in some detail, including direct links to guidance sheet and registration forms. This means the book is unashamedly targeted at someone starting up in the UK – although much of it is relevant internationally.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would take to start your own business selling your craft items (or, indeed, what craft to choose), pick up a copy of Your Craft Business: Step by Step by clicking the link or the big picture on the right.

Grow your Craft Business with Facebook

A companion book to Your Craft Business, Grow your Craft Business with Facebook shows, step by step, how to use the power of the world’s biggest social network to promote your craft enterprise.