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In this course, I reveal a step by step process for creating your own successful business selling your hand-made products

​Are you a dreamer?

Many people dream about starting their own profitable craft business, but only a tiny fraction ever achieve it. Why is this? For many potential business owners, it's simply because they don't know where to start or they're frightened of missing some critical stage out and getting a visit from the bowler hat brigade. Or perhaps they're simply overwhelmed by the whole process.

Is this familiar? If so, I've got good news. Your Craft Business: Step by Step is an online course designed to hold you by the hand and walk you through the entire process from first idea to working business.​

"I am truly excited for 2017"

"Your step by step way of doing things made me feel reassured that I was doing everything the right way, I could have easily wasted a lot of time and money doing things without your knowledge and guidance.

My business has now just finished its first month of trading... and what a month it has been! Heading up to Christmas seemed the right time for me to start and I quickly booked up craft fairs which have been very successful!"

- Michelle (Michelle's Candle Cabin)

Who am I?

I’m Kev Partner and, with my wife Peta, I run MakingYourOwnCandles, which now has the biggest range of candle making kits in the UK and, as far as I can tell, the world.

Together, Peta and I built the business from scratch so that, within 18 months, it was generating a six figure annual turnover and is now our main source of income.

However, it’s not all been plain sailing. I’d spent the previous decade running three businesses and learning a multitude of lessons the hard way that prepared me for helping Peta launch and run MakingYourOwnCandles with none of the major cock-ups that I’d made before.

One of the main lessons was to run a lean ship – we buy absolutely nothing we don’t truly need. But, having said that, we don’t shy away from making investments that will help us grow the business. Some of these investments are in machinery and systems that allow us to make better products, more quickly, and to serve our customers better.

We also invest in training – in the form of courses, books and research – that help us improve our skills, do a better job overall and, of course, make more money. Over the years since we started our business in 2010, we’ve constantly been looking for ways to get better at what we do, and that pays off in our continued success.

Why should you use my step-by-step system?


This course is the fastest way to getting a successful craft business up and running. Time is money in business and, after all, wouldn’t you rather be spending time actually making products than making the same mistakes thousands of others have before you?


It’s the safest way to start and run a craft business. By learning from our mistakes, and those of the other craft businesses that contributed to the course, you can eliminate the risks of starting up. I’m not guaranteeing your business will be a long term success, but, if you follow the process, you won’t risk what you can’t afford.


More customers, more sales. Isn’t it every crafter’s nightmare that we’ll put heart and soul into our business and its products, only to find that no-one will buy them? A bit like having a party no-one turns up to. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop products that customers will be desperate to buy.

"Your course made me think differently"

Michelle had spent twelve long months thinking about whether to act on her dream to start and run her own profitable craft business. Since signing up for Your Craft Business: Step by Step, she has experienced her first Christmas as a craft entrepreneur - a special time for anyone running a gift business.

She's also set up her own online shop, using the course bonus to get a 20% discount!

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you. You have no idea how much you have helped me set up Michelle's Candle Cabin"

Introducing Your Craft Business: Step by Step

Your Craft Business: Step by Step is a unique online training course that will take you by the hand and show you how to plan, create and run a successful craft business selling products you love to make. And to do it quickly. The training works beautifully on computers, tablets and smartphones so you can work through the course on almost any device – you can even download the videos (if you want) so you can study when out of wi-fi range.

In the course, I will show you how to design and develop products that customers will desperately want to buy, how to do it so you make a good profit and how to find and sell to customers. I will also show you how to deal with the government and regulators, how to market yourself and lots more (see below).

At this point, you can do one of three things:

Do nothing

This is fine, but you’re obviously not going to build a business if you don’t take action.

Trial and error

You can take the concepts I’ve covered in the three videos and give it a go. Again, this is absolutely fine – I wanted the videos to be genuinely useful, but they represent a tiny percentage of the total course content – there’s so much more to the course. You can, of course, start up a business with no help from me whatsoever, thousands have done so before (though many have failed). But there’s a quicker and easier way.

Sign up!

Use the process included in Your Craft Business: Step by Step to get started quickly, safely and profitably. Forget about wasting time and money on tactics and strategies that don’t work – I know what works, it’s all in the course!

I've worked out how to build and run a successful craft business - so you don't have to

What you are going to get right away today when you register (and what you're going to learn how to do)

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  • Direct access to me to ask any questions you want as you start your business
  • Free access to all future modules as they are added
  • BONUS: FREE, permanent access to the full course Candle Making for Beginners, worth £25
  • BONUS: 20% off ALL online shop packages with - the UK's best ecommerce provider (worth up to £105 pa)
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Here's what's in the course

Module 1

Your Craft Business

An introduction to the course, what you will learn and the basics of business.

Module 2

Your Product (4 sections)

Your business, and its success, depends on developing a range of products that customers will buy. These products must also be profitable so, in this module, I go in depth on how to cost products as well as why prototyping is the key to developing profitable products.

Module 3

The Right Price (2 sections)

In this module, I go into detail on the cost price of your product and give three techniques for calculating the right price to charge.

Module 4

Going Premium (2 sections)

Going into detail on how to “premium” your products in terms of their design and packaging, materials and ingredients.

Module 5

Setting up for business (2 sections)

In this module, I cover how to set yourself up at home to run your business. I then look at when and how to register your business with the authorities in the UK and US

Module 6

Opening up (2 sections)

Many crafts have to deal with regulations so, in this module, I take a look at ‘elf & safety and such like. You also need to find quality suppliers and work out how you’re going to get your products delivered to customers who buy online. Finally, you need to take payments so I cover the options.

Module 7

Your Marketplace (3 sections)

In this module, you get the skinny on how to sell online through your own shop. I also look at selling on ebay, Amazon and Etsy before I go indepth on how to successfully sell at craft fayres and in shops.

Module 8

You and your website (3 sections)

You need a website, but what sort exactly depends on whether you intend to sell online and where. In this module, I outline the choices, then look at the different options.

Module 9

Marketing (5 sections)

Nothing is more important to the success of your business than marketing. You can have the best possible products but, if no-one knows about them, you won’t sell a bean. In this module, I look at marketing in general and then focus on email, online marketing, social media (especially Facebook) as well as more old fashioned techniques.

Module 10

The secrets to running a successful craft business

Finally, I outline my top advice for anyone starting a craft business. Worth the cost of the course on its own, this module contains priceless information you won’t want to miss.

FREE Extras and Bonuses

Downloadable Workbook

Use this companion to the course to keep notes and create a record of the work you’re doing towards all of the milestones in the course.

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"Thank you!"

"With regards to the course, it wasn't something I would normally do. I receive so many emails with various different courses that lay down fantastic claims, but never meet any of them. But having read your book, I trusted that the content would be worthwhile, and it totally was. The course flows in the same way as the book did and I thoroughly enjoyed each section. It was extremely informative and very well put together. What the course had was the ability to delve deeper into areas that the book only had time to touch upon, providing a greater understanding and expanding on certain concepts that the book could not.

I would recommend it to anyone, whether they were thinking of starting their own craft business or not. Yes the course is very specific to crafts, but there are business principles within it that would apply to various situations.I am extremely grateful for both the book and course contents alike, and both have helped me to see a craft business as something achievable and systematic, rather than just total luck."

- Andrea (Maisy Makes)

"Thanks for the second video"

Hi Kevin, I want to thank you for the information on this first video, it is incredible and I started to feel much better about making my dream come true.Candles are very special for me and having no experience, I used to buy them on weekly basis. My dream, is learning how to mane them and build my handmade candle business.Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge/expertise with us.

- Carmen 

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Small Print

Disclaimer: I am legally obliged to say that I can’t promise any specific results as a result of purchasing this training (eg – you have to put in the work) and any results, testimonials, or figures quoted on this page are not intended to imply guaranteed financial gains.

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If you have ANY questions, email me at and I’ll be happy to answer. I look forward to seeing you on the course!