Your Craft Business in 2017

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"Very impressed, looking forward to seeing more. Was sceptical when I clicked play. Now I’m really interested." K
"Hi Kevin, I want to thank you for the information on this first video, it is incredible and I started to feel much better about making my dream come true.Candles are very special for me and having no experience, I used to buy them on weekly basis. My dream is learning how to make them and build my handmade candle business.Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge/expertise with us." C
"Just want to say thank you Kev for all these wonderful articles, videos and craft business tips. I have recently hit a hurdle in my personal life, which has caused me to put on hold my craft business for now, but reading your articles, or watching your videos helps to keep the fire burning inside. I look forward to reading more articles from you." Y
"Thank you Kevin. You have instilled an amount of confidence in me to be positive and forge ahead with my crafting business" I

Kevin Partner is co-founder and technical director of, the UK's leading supplier of candle making kits.

Kevin is also the author of a number of business books including Your Craft Business: At Step by Step Guide, an Amazon bestseller that has helped thousands of people start and run a craft business.